_ODY Handmade Jewellery is for people who love and

passionate about handcraft jewellery, understanding

each pieces are handmade with love and soul. Her aim is

to let more people to get to know this traditional skill and 

she does not want mechanise to replace craftsmanship.


Founder/ designer maker Kody was graduated from

The School Of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK in 2013.

Specialising in traditional silversmithing skills.

From designing, making, to shipping, She does her best

to make sure every piece is perfect and hope all her

customers are happy to own one of her pieces.




Kody wants to make every pieces unique and special for everyone.
They can all be custom made including materials to strike your fancy.

現在許多傳統手工藝都逐漸被淘汰,甚至瀕臨失傳, 所以對於傳統打銀/Silversmith充滿熱情的創辦人Kody堅持用自己雙手創作,希望能夠延續此傳統手藝.在英國School of Jewellery主修現代珠寶及銀匠回流的她成立了自己的品牌'_ODY'.每一件飾品都是她親手打造,獨一無二的,想讓大家明白並欣賞最原始的手工藝精神,了解它們背後的故事,而不是用品牌大小來定義作品的價值._ODY 的特色是簡約,中性,現代化,使用傳統的工藝去打造一些破傳統的首飾.希望不同年紀,性別和職業的人都能佩戴.更希望將傳統手作技術持續傳承.她曾經更設有工作坊給普羅大眾一個親手嘗試傳統打銀, 希望更多人認識和維持這種工藝.她不希望工業化代替手工藝.

Kody chan
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"Makers have a curiosity, and a need to touch, and a desire to get their hands dirty."

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